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In the era of technology, today’s educational institutes are needed to be online learning and education based. In this series of progress, many computer oriented tools and courses are being prepared, which are very helpful in enhancing the knowledge of students.

One fact has come in the point that the web based learning environment has been successful for the students to participate in the subject and to learn in a joyful environment. In the recent years, the information gathering processes and initiatives have come in existence. People are going for the websites which are full of useful information.

Students develop the in-depth learning and understanding about a concept after learning on them on the internet. For researchers and data scientists, it becomes very important to study about the online behaviour methods adopted by the learners and students.

To solve the data analysis purpose, Meta-Analyzer software is used. This software is a group of the different modules like - search engine module, presentation module, learning recording and analysis module etc.

There is a separate credential provided to the each & every student. By logging into software, in the search module, a student or learner can ask about the topic by typing into the keyword and the search module shows the relevant documents from the search engine. If a document is highly relevant to the searcher, he can also bookmark it.  

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