asset management in ERP

Asset Management Salient Features Maintain stock items category/sub category wise Maintain indent due indent, released indent, completed and cancelled indents Maintain list of purchase order made by purchase department Manage opening stock details Due code from which we can fill the item codes Maintain GRN list as open GRNs, closed GRNs, add expenses , list expenses or create a new GRN Keep the track of list of lost items Keep track of listing of incomplete repair maintenance transaction Keep the track of listing of order receive for maintenance Maintain the list of issue or return REPORTS: Obtain the listing of all the items category wise Issue /return transaction details within a given date parameter List of due reports date wise Fine received details date wise List the lost items details within a given specific date List the repair item within the date parameter Detailed purchase order list date wise GRN detailed listing date wise Detailed indent list date wise Assets register detailed list date wise Item wise transaction details within the date parameter Stock detail listing according to the category and the sub category